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Sabera’s Children’s Home

Sultan Bahu Projects

Sabera’s Children’s Home is our flagship project.

The popular association of our Centre with our children’s home stems from the fact that even though we have been providing care to the community at large for over 35 years, our children’s home was our first large project which required considerable capital and infrastructure development.

In our home, children from vulnerable backgrounds have found a place of safety, love, respect and a home where their hearts can heal.

We have a capacity for up to 20 children and we are fully registered, accredited and verified by the Department of Social welfare. Children are placed in our care by the state and we serve as a family, and a home for children in need of love, kindness and goodwill.

We have full-time house mothers who assist children with school work, give them a sense of belonging and encourage our children to fulfil their dreams. The house mothers ensure that the children are schooled and encouraged to pursue extra-curricula activities.

The home is a place where children can express their unique personalities and talents in an environment that is conducive to raising responsible, loving, kind and giving adults. At our home, the children are looked after in a responsible manner which is conducive to raising well-adjusted and responsible people.