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Sultan Bahu Projects

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. Over time, this cloudiness causes blindness which can be reversed.

Sultan Bahu Centre’s cataract project is unique because it affords patients the opportunity to receive world class eye care with dignity. Cataract surgery is amongst the most affordable surgical interventions and within 30 minutes a patient goes from blindness to sight. This relatively uncomplicated surgery is one of the ways that we aim to heal a heart. For most people, the thought of losing one’s eyesight is terrifying, and it is the loss of eyesight that can cause a loss of hope.

The little miracle of a cataract operation is a life changing event for many people who would needlessly have gone blind. By reversing their blindness, we ensure that the person is once more an active and contributing member of society. Read more about what this simple surgery has meant to some of the people we’ve helped.

Globally, cataracts (a clouding of the lens of the eye) are one of the leading causes of blindness. The prevalence of cataracts is particularly high in South Africa. South Africa has approximately 1 million persons with visual impairments and this number is increasing, despite estimations by the World Health Organisation that 80% of all forms of blindness are avoidable or preventable through early detection, intervention and proper care.

A very small percentage of people are born blind, and one of the main causes of blindness is cataracts; with nearly 40% of the world’s blind population suffering from cataracts. In order to alleviate this unnecessary and avoidable form of blindness, the Sultan Bahu Centre sponsors cataract operations to those who need it.

For most people, blindness or disability in general means the loss of income, employment and productivity. Cataract operations are affordable surgical interventions that allow the person to regain their sight and productivity in order to become independent, productive members of society once again.

We have regular camps where many people have their sight restored over a weekend, but we also offer individual operations in certain cases.

We fundraise for the cost of the operations and firmly believes that there is nothing as invaluable as the gift of sight. The benefits of the cataract operation far outweigh the cost or the burden of blindness.

The burden of blindness far outweighs the cost of this simple procedure. The donation that you make right now towards our cataract programme will make your kindness the first rays of light a blind person sees.