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Sultan Bahu Centre


A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. Over time, this cloudiness causes blindness which can be reversed.

Sultan Bahu Centre’s cataract project is unique because it affords patients the opportunity to receive world class eye care with dignity. Cataract surgery is amongst the most affordable surgical interventions and within 30 minutes a patient goes from blindness to sight. This relatively uncomplicated surgery is one of the ways that we aim to heal a heart. For most people, the thought of losing one’s eyesight is terrifying, and it is the loss of eyesight that can cause a loss of hope.


Sabera’s Children’s Home is our flagship project.

The popular association of our Centre with our children’s home stems from the fact that even though we have been providing care to the community at large for over 35 years, our children’s home was our first large project which required considerable capital and infrastructure development.

In our home, children from vulnerable backgrounds have found a place of safety, love, respect and a home where their hearts can heal.


Sultan Bahu Centre offers dialysis to indigent persons with an immediate need. Dialysis is an expensive process and very often poor people cannot access this service at public health facilities. Through our healthcare networks, we are able to facilitate dialysis for those in need.

Our dialysis programme has seen many people and their families happy that they do not need to go through the trauma of losing a loved one through a painful and prolonged death. Dialysis offers hope to those families who have nowhere else to go. You can be a part of sharing in this joy with these families by giving a donation right now towards the cost of dialysis.


We have not forgotten our beginnings as a soup kitchen, and we cannot credibly call ourselves a welfare organisation if we did not recognise one of the biggest challenges in South Africa: poverty-induced hunger.

To this end, we fundraise to provide simple meals and distribute grocery hampers to those facing starvation due to unemployment and poverty.

During winter, we try to find key corporate sponsors to assist us with getting blankets to where it’s needed most.

This project fulfils the most basic of human needs. Please give a meal to someone in need today.


Sultan Bahu Centre noticed an immediate need in the community to help rehabilitate substance dependant persons. This has an immediate benefit on society as a whole, but more specifically has an uplifting and healing effect on the person and their family.

Our drug rehabilitation centres are strongly aligned to a holistic approach to care for patients. At the end of 7-weeks of outpatient treatment, our aim is to have a person who is drug free and who has a sense of responsibility which will enable them to maintain sustained and gainful employment and be in the position to give back to society. We currently run four of these centres in Cape Town.


The SBC Learning Centre opened it’s doors for the first time in February 2020. The aim was to empower people from impoverished communities, especially women, with skills they can use to generate an income. We started with a 10 week dress making course, but unfortunately the lockdown brought it to an immediate halt. After many months, in October of 2020 we reopened it’s doors. Since then, the students, who all come from very different backgrounds, have already started making their own dresses and other garments. Once the course has been completed, each student will get a certificate for their participation and growth. In March 2021 we introduced our first SETA accredited basic ICT course and will soon be expanding that to Durban. You can help us do that by becoming a monthly donor today.


South Africa has always been a country riddled with poverty, with schools full of children with nothing to eat, but the lockdown has made an already bad situation much worse. With hundreds of thousands of South Africans losing their jobs, businesses, or other financial support, sending more and more hungry children to school. In light of this SBC started the It’s a Wrap project, sending sandwiches to schools in and around the Mayfair area where children are in need of the assistance the most. This year (2021) we expanded the project to Durban as well. We now send deliver more than 900 sandwiches each day 6 schools as well as 2 community feeding schemes


In a recent development, SBC has partnered with Drill Direct to launch a new project called Water is Life: Borehole Project. The project aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to communities in need, which is a fundamental requirement for a healthy life. The project was first announced during the SBC Annual Fundraising Dinner 2023, where it received an overwhelming response from people who pledged their support and donated generously.

With the project now open for contributions, SBC invites everyone who wishes to be a part of this noble initiative and make a meaningful difference in the lives of people. The project’s objective is to drill boreholes in areas where access to clean water is limited or non-existent and provide the local communities with a sustainable water source. The project will also involve educating the communities on the importance of water conservation and hygiene.