Sultan Bahu Centre offers dialysis to indigent persons with an immediate need. Dialysis is an expensive process and very often poor people cannot access this service at public health facilities. Through our healthcare networks, we are able to facilitate dialysis for those in need.

Our dialysis programme has seen many people and their families happy that they do not need to go through the trauma of losing a loved one through a painful and prolonged death. Dialysis offers hope to those families who have nowhere else to go. ***You can be a part of sharing in this joy with these families by giving a donation right now towards the cost of dialysis.

Dialysis is an artificial filtering system which mimics the function of the kidneys. It is a highly specialised and extremely costly medical procedure for people with acute or chronic kidney failure.

We fundraise in order to assist indigent people who cannot receive medical treatment which includes dialysis. It is a project which is borne out of necessity due to the backlog in government owned hospitals which can result in people dying, or being in severe pain and discomfort.

To this end, we have managed to help many people to live in comfort and ease through making life-supporting dialysis an accessible option for people who would have needlessly suffered due to a lack of resources.

It is estimated that in South Africa, there are nearly 20 000 people in need of dialysis, with only 6000 people able to receive it. Many chronically ill patients die before ever receiving dialysis because of a lack of availability and access to this scarce medical resource.

Our organisation is one of the few organisations in South Africa with a focus on nephrology and dialysis.

Due to the severe shortage of resources and the scarcity of properly equipped hospitals and staff, we have made a concerted effort to assist those in need of dialysis by creating a network of available resources which can be made available for a patient’s comfort and health.