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Sultan Bahu Centre is a registered charity.
NPO 024/017 | PBO 93/0009882

Address: 96 3rd Avenue, Mayfair, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2092
PO Box 38352, Booysens, 2016

Tel: 011 839 2025 or 011 837 6067
Fax: 011 837 0073

Our projects include those listed here, and we often step in on an ad hoc basis as a need arises within the community or for the greater good of all South Africans.

Our main areas of focus are:
● Children’s Home ● Dialysis ● Cataract ● Drug Rehabilitation Centres ● Hunger Alleviation: Feeding Programmes ● Hamper Distribution ● Grants in Aid ● Bursaries

Banking Details:

Sarwari Qaderi Silsila -Zakaat (Ref: Your Name+Zakaat)
Standard Bank Account number: 002504111
Branch: Fordsburg (005205)

Sarwari Qaderi Silsila -Lillah (Ref: Your Name+Lillah)
Standard Bank Account number: 002504081
Branch: Fordsburg (005205)