2020 has been a rough year on so many people, jobs have been lost, businesses have closed down, and the Sultan Bahu Centre was no exception to this. We lost out on major fund raising events that help maintain the running of our projects. However despite these setbacks, we were fortunate and blessed to keep most of our doors open and keep doing the work. In the video below we take a look back and one of the most challenging years we’ve had not only as an organisation but a community and how we persevered through the challenges, with your support, donations and contributions. Thank you to you and your families for making it possible for us to serve.

May the Almighty shower His endless Mercy and Blessings upon you and your family and may He accept our humble efforts..


Our History

Our work began nearly 40 years ago, amongst the golden mine dumps and bustling industrial region at the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Centre had a humble beginning as a soup kitchen, and many impoverished people from surrounding areas found their hearts healed and bellies full because of the kindness of all those people who banded together to provide for poor South Africans.

Today, the Centre has offices in all South Africa’s major cities and has defined itself as a social welfare specialist through many years of consistent and impeccable outreach service work.

We are a well-regarded community-based, registered non-profit organisation that is built on the principles of love, kindness, respect and dignity for everyone.

Our projects and services largely fall within the ambit of social welfare, but cover the spectrum of human needs from: hunger alleviation with our feeding programmes, a home for vulnerable children, highly successful drug rehabilitation centres, specialised medical care that reverses cataract blindness and provides access to dialysis, and grants in aid.

We provide all of these services and more to needy persons regardless of race or religion. Our ethos is simple: we seek to serve humanity and heal a heart, one life at a time.

We believe that everyone has a right to access basic services to ensure their well-being. We encourage support from donors so that we do not have to turn anyone away. To find out more about our projects simply click on a project.


As agents of change and playing a positive role in people’s lives, we see ourselves as a community or a network, where our outreach programmes are sustained by the very lives they touch. By restoring hope, dignity and faith in people through the charitable assistance they receive, it inspires recipients to become involved in order to help others in similar circumstances.

We have a large network of committed and skilled volunteers who give of their time and skills to give back. This volunteer network helps us to drive down overhead costs.

Our funds largely come from individual donors who see the immediate impact of our work in their communities. We also encourage corporate giving and some projects enjoy partial State subsidy.

Since 2000, we have embarked on our annual Family Fete over the Easter weekend.

At this event, which has grown tremendously over the years, we give small and emerging businesses the opportunity to reach new markets, interest people in their business and grow their start-up endeavours.

We rent stalls to these businesses to cover the costs of infrastructure over the weekend and we use any money raised from donations at the fete to cover costs for projects where possible.


These are the causes we’re passionate about. Help us by donating to a cause and making it easier for us to do a good job

Healing a Heart Cause


These are the causes we’re passionate about because they heal hearts, put smiles on faces and change communities.


Our children’s home puts smiles on the faces of children who’ve been placed in our care.

Community Healthcare


We focus on fundamentally changing lives through reversing cataract blindness, providing access to dialysis and drug rehabilitation.


We believe that education about the dangers of substance abuse is key to making people aware of the realities of addiction.


We believe that by extending kindness to poverty stricken people to ease the most basic of human needs, we can heal a heart and restore faith in humanity.


Find out more about the philosophy behind our work, our inspiration and the universal values of which shape our spirit of service to all of humanity.