Ramadaan 1442/2021

There is a hadeeth that mentions that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala descends (every night, to the nearest heaven, when the last third of the night remains) and Allah says,
“Who would give a loan to He Who is neither poor nor unjust?”
Isn’t that a strange statement? How do we, the slaves and servant of Allah, who admittedly or not, depend entirely on Him, the All-Powerful, The Sustainer, The Owner of Endless Bounty, The One with no Beginning and no End. The Self-Subsisting.. The One Who never sleeps.. The Creator, and Owner of the heavens and the earth.. The One who has kept our hearts beating in our chests since the time were we nurtured in the wombs of our mothers? The One who takes our souls every night in our sleep, and returns those whom He wills, and keeps those whom He wills..

As Allah says In Surah az-Zumar – verse 42
˹It is˺ Allah ˹Who˺ calls back the souls ˹of people˺ upon their death, as well as ˹the souls˺ of the living during their sleep. Then He keeps those for whom He has ordained death, and releases the others until ˹their˺ appointed time. Surely in this, are signs for people who think deeply.
Who needs to borrow money? Someone who doesn’t have enough to fulfill his needs. Is Allah needy? Not at all. He is Rich and Independent, He is in no need of our help. Everything belongs to Him – the wealth that we enjoy, the food that we eat and the clothes on our backs, are all His blessings.
All of us are so busy spending on ourselves and our families, but who is looking after the Deen of Allah? as Allah says in the last verse of Surah Al- An’am, “He is the One, Who has placed you as successors on earth, and elevated some of you in rank over others, so that He may test you with what He has given you. Surely your Lord is swift in punishment, but He is certainly All-Forgiving, Most Merciful” We want victory for the Muslims. We want Muslim countries to flourish and poverty and chaos to end. but who is spending in these causes? How many times do we really think about spending on those in need, and for how long? How many times do we think about spending on ourselves, and for how long? We see an advertisement for something new in a store, and we are enticed to buy it. But when it comes to spending in the way of Allah, we keep bringing up this-expense-and-that-expense. Or we say. I need to save for this or save for that? My dear brothers, we don’t even know if we’re going to survive the rest of this day..
The idea of a loan to Allah is not for Allah.. It’s for us. Allah is playing on our understanding of a loan, that instead of it just being money, that’s given away, a loan, implies that it’s a transaction, and that at an appointed time, it will paid back to us, in far greater weight. And who better to enter into a transaction like that, than with Allah, The Sustainer and Provider. Nothing that we give to Allah is ever lost.. Every bit is kept in our account.. And in due time we will see the fruits of our sacrifice.. And in the month of Ramadaan, the reward of these transactions can be multiplied 70 times over.. But what does that 70 mean to the Owner of Limitless Bounty? 70 is just a number for us to comprehend, but in the endless and limitless Power of Allah, that 70 may be far beyond our comprehension.

If this transaction is so powerful, what is it that keeps us from giving? What is it that makes us hesitate or only give the bare minimum? To answer that, let’s change the question.. What is it that would drive us to sacrifice everything we have, for the benefit of someone else, the way a mother would go to sleep hungry, so that her children can go to sleep with full bellies.. Or father who goes to work every day, until the sweat drips from his brow, to ensure that his family have a home to come to, and a bed to sleep in every night. The answer is simple.. Love.. But how can you love someone that you don’t know, one needs to know who you are sacrificing for, know their story, know who they really are..
This Ramadaan we challenge you to get to know those you give charity to, find out who they really are and what they’ve been through.

First Sunday of Ramadaan

Our History

Our work began nearly 40 years ago, amongst the golden mine dumps and bustling industrial region at the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Centre had a humble beginning as a soup kitchen, and many impoverished people from surrounding areas found their hearts healed and bellies full because of the kindness of all those people who banded together to provide for poor South Africans.

Today, the Centre has offices in all South Africa’s major cities and has defined itself as a social welfare specialist through many years of consistent and impeccable outreach service work.

We are a well-regarded community-based, registered non-profit organisation that is built on the principles of love, kindness, respect and dignity for everyone.

Our projects and services largely fall within the ambit of social welfare, but cover the spectrum of human needs from: hunger alleviation with our feeding programmes, a home for vulnerable children, highly successful drug rehabilitation centres, specialised medical care that reverses cataract blindness and provides access to dialysis, and grants in aid.

We provide all of these services and more to needy persons regardless of race or religion. Our ethos is simple: we seek to serve humanity and heal a heart, one life at a time.

We believe that everyone has a right to access basic services to ensure their well-being. We encourage support from donors so that we do not have to turn anyone away. To find out more about our projects simply click on a project.


As agents of change and playing a positive role in people’s lives, we see ourselves as a community or a network, where our outreach programmes are sustained by the very lives they touch. By restoring hope, dignity and faith in people through the charitable assistance they receive, it inspires recipients to become involved in order to help others in similar circumstances.

We have a large network of committed and skilled volunteers who give of their time and skills to give back. This volunteer network helps us to drive down overhead costs.

Our funds largely come from individual donors who see the immediate impact of our work in their communities. We also encourage corporate giving and some projects enjoy partial State subsidy.

Since 2000, we have embarked on our annual Family Fete over the Easter weekend.

At this event, which has grown tremendously over the years, we give small and emerging businesses the opportunity to reach new markets, interest people in their business and grow their start-up endeavours.

We rent stalls to these businesses to cover the costs of infrastructure over the weekend and we use any money raised from donations at the fete to cover costs for projects where possible.